3 things we know so far about Tapswap launch date on Ton Blockchain


The much-anticipated day for all crypto enthusiasts participating in the Tapswap project has arrived.

Earlier reports stated that July 1st, 2024 would be the date of the Tapswap coin Launch on the Ton Blockchain.

Many Tapswap participants especially Nigerians have waited for this day as it holds significant value in determining their financial benefits from the month-long Tapswap exercise.

However, things have been quiet so far at the time of writing this report and there is an air of uncertainty over the entire Tapswap ecosystem.

In this article we aim to clarify things by reporting 3 things we know so far about the Tapswap coin launch and its date.

No official announcement yet 
The Tapswap team is yet to release an official announcement on the day of the supposed coin launch.

The Twitter handle which serves as the official means of communication has not posted anything about the Tapswap coin launch.

The last post on the channel was a June 28th post on the launch of a YouTube channel by the Tapswap team. This is quite strange because the reported date of the Tapswap coin launch is July 1st which is today.

Earlier reports cited that the Tapswap coin launch was shifted from May 30, 2024, to July 1st, 2024 due to the discovery of bots that were unfairly earning shares, which compromised the integrity of the token distribution process.

The Tapswap team shifted to date to properly address the bot issues and restore the integrity of the entire process. It remains to be seen whether Tapswap will address its users on the current confusion surrounding the proposed July 1st, 2024 launch date.

The Tapswap Coin listing date is still unknown
July 1st, 2024 is the proposed date for the Tapswap coin launch. This is the supposed date that Tapswap players would be able to exchange their accumulated shares for $Taps token.

This is quite different from the Tapswap coin listing date which is yet to be announced.

For example, the previous telegram-based clicker game Notcoin was launched on January 1, 2024, and listed on May 16, 2024.

The Tapswap coin listing date is still unknown and has not been announced.

Tapswap launching on Ton Blockchain confirmed
The previous confusion on the blockchain Tapswap will be launching was quashed in the X space hosted by the Ton Blockchain which Tapswap made a debut appearance.

Tapswap explained on the X space that they chose to leave Solana for the TON blockchain due to scalability issues.

The Ton blockchain feels like a natural fit since it is the home of the Telegram-based Tapswap game and is well suited to onboard the millions of Tapswap players.

What to Know 

  • A token launch date in a crypto airdrop is the time when the project determines who qualifies for the airdrop and when the tokens are distributed to their wallets. It is also the time participants can exchange their accumulated shares for the tokens of the crypto asset they have mined.  
  • A coin listing date in crypto is when an exchange adds a cryptocurrency, token, or decentralized asset to its markets, and offers a trading pair for that asset. The Tapswap coin listing date is yet to be known. 

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