UK-based lady regrets giving birth to her kids abroad, says why

UK-based lady regrets giving birth to her kids abroad, says why

A UK-based lady has surprised many as she reveals why she regrets giving birth to her kids abroad.

The lady was interviewed by a street journalist who enquired why she regrets having her kids abroad.

lady uk-based kids abroad regrets

In her explanation, the UK-based lady said that she used to admire how kids who stay abroad are when they come back home and that made her want to have hers there too.

Later she found out that she had made a bad decision.

According to her, kids given birth abroad are hard to control, do not want to learn their culture and don’t want to speak their indigenous language.

She added that sometimes she feels as though she doesn’t have children since she cannot groom the ones she has the way she wants.

Check out reactions that followed …
rahmer_mercy shared: “Have 3 kids been contemplating of returning home till they are ready for high school to come back , you can’t relate until you are there. From kindergarten the teachers and social workers in school, society will start influencing them. No matter how hard you try to train them with good morals they see all sort of immorality, my 6yrs has been forced to believe that you can identify as anything you want, she has a teacher who dressed and appear as a woman but sounds like a male, it’s never sit will with me to know such teacher whose anatomy is a male with a pen!se in his skirt/ dress hugs my child and even help her park her hair, or knowing someone somewhere telling your kids that you can’t spank or discipline them because there is a thing line btw discipline and abuse, Wait till you live where you have to think twice before you correct your child without not being accused of assault then you will better understand.”

rosythrone commented: “She didn’t lie at all. I’ll give birth to my kids here in Europe and send them back home for the culture. They need to grow in Africa way.”

bl.essed4496 remarked: “You trained them that way, a lot of Africa children in abroad are very respectful and humble, no take your own disturb me abeg!”

kelvin_kertz opined: “Apparently she’s not happy she can’t discipline them the way she should have loved because of the laws there.”

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