Verydarkman speaks following release from police custody

verydarkman police custody release

Controversial activist, Verydarkman spills after being released from police custody, as he narrates events that led to his recent arrest.

It was earlier reported that the social commentator landed in trouble with the police after being arrested for the umpteenth time.

Following his release, he took to his page to recount the events that led to his arrest.

According to him, police officers had stormed his house on Sunday to arrest him over an issue of him defaming a certain man who ‘scammed’ someone of all his life savings.

He noted that he had been taken to the police station and while there he wrote a statement as regards his allegations, and provided evidence to back up his claim.

Verydarkman noted that certain big lawyers had come to his aid, and contacted other equally big men who ensured that he was granted bail and didn’t sleep in the cell.

Check out reactions that followed …
midecupoftee commented: “The Nigeria police are not doing their job. Why would they grant him bail on a Sunday?”

tarah_dulzurah remarked: “I’ve heard and in-fact seen delusion of grandeur in play but nothing tops this one😂😂”

ski_mask.xx wrote: “You’re not fighting for the people…face the government if you’re fighting for the people….you have never exposed one politician and yet you’re fighting for the people….the irony”

funferekoroye penned: “The speed at which that N1M was refunded needs to be studied; this man is a human being. He won’t always be right but least anytime him put mouth, results go show.”

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