Top 5 major African cities with the best climate situation

Top 5 major African cities with the best climate situation

Climate change presents significant difficulties in Africa, jeopardizing livelihoods, ecosystems, and development achievements. However, it also provides a chance for radical change by stimulating new solutions, resilient routes, and sustainable development trajectories. Fortunately, some regions on the continent have made huge strides in this regard.

As the effects of climate change continue to manifest globally, few regions face as complex and urgent challenges as Africa.

The continent faces the unique challenge of contributing the lowest carbon footprint of any continent but suffering the effects no less. From shifting weather patterns and rising temperatures to extreme events such as droughts, floods, and cyclones, Africa continues to bear the brunt of climate change.

However, there are a few cities that embody the spirit of climate stability. These regions have been blessed with moderate climates that typically do not become too extreme.

While several African cities fit this bill, this list is focusing on the major commercial cities on the continent with the best climate situation. Cities where business folks can manage their investments without having to deal with harsh and sometimes destructive climate conditions.

With that said, here are the top 5 major African cities with the best climate situation, according to Numbeo.

Numbeo’s climatic Index estimates the climatic appeal of a certain city or nation. It is within the range [-100, +100] (higher is better). Locations with a climate index of 100 possess mild temperatures and low humidity, as well as no additional severe weather conditions.

The platform uses an extensive formula to come up with the index.

Top 5 major African cities with the best climate situation

Rank City Country Climate index

1.Nairobi Kenya 99.8

2.Cape Town South Africa 98.2

3.Pretoria South Africa 95.8

4.Durban South Africa 95.6

5.Johannesburg South Africa 91.4

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