Tems reveals what she wants in her ideal man

Tems reveals what she wants in her ideal man

Artist Temilade Openiyi, also known as Tems, has disclosed the characteristics she looks for in her ideal man.

The Grammy-winning singer stated that she is looking for a man who is mature or spiritually inclined, genuinely funny, and emotionally intelligent.

Tems made this revelation during a conversation with Korty EO on her YouTube show. She further disclosed she is open to welcoming new people.

She mentioned that it could be challenging because she usually understands what guys want from women and that they usually have one goal in mind.

Tems reveals what she wants in her ideal man

The singer claimed that because she finds it difficult to believe what the men say, she frequently views new talking stages as “fake.”

Tems said; 

“The thing is I know their intentions, most of the time they have one intention, as most guys do [Laughs]. They are very obvious, so how can I even trust this conversation we are having it’s not even real, everything you say is fake.

I have a thing I am looking for, You have to be emotionally intelligent, very funny, and you have to be spiritually adept, inclined and mature. Just on that journey of your own. To boys that like me ‘show me’.”


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