Emmanuella’s new video sparks online reactions due to her walking style

Emmanuella's new video sparks online reactions due to her walking style

A recent video featuring teenage Nigerian entertainer and comedian, Emmanuella, has quickly gained traction on social media, sparking a flurry of reactions from users. The video captures Emmanuella walking through Mark Angel’s house while engaged in conversation with a videographer. However, what caught the attention of many viewers were her confident strides and gestures, reflecting her notable growth over the years. Several netizenscouldn’t help but express their amazement at seeing Emmanuella’s evolution.

Commenting on the video, Larry Gaga remarked on Emmanuella’s growth, while Eliliftings expressed a wish for her continued success. Jumaima Samimarveled at Emmanuella’s confident demeanor, highlighting her transformation from a young girl to a confident individual. Others, like Sarah Chumaand Chioma, simply admired her poise. Jones Odenigbo commended her walking style, while VoiceOfBen reflected on her journey to success with gratitude towards Mark Angel. Additionally, Cruiselord humorously noted the passage of time, and Josh White made a playful observation about Emmanuella’s choice of smartphone. Big Brownadded a humorous anecdote about encountering Emmanuella in public.

Watch the video below:




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