10 African countries with the lowest number of rocket projectors

10 African countries with the lowest number of rocket projectors

Multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS) or rocket launchers are crucial artillery assets for any military, including in African countries. These advanced and powerful weapon systems offer significant operational and strategic benefits, from countering insurgencies to defending territory. Their ability to deliver rapid and precise attacks makes them effective deterrents against aggressors.

A significant step in enhancing Africa’s defense and security capacities is the addition of Multiple Launch Rocket Systems. MLRS’s powerful, portable, and versatile armament allows African armies to tackle a wide range of threats effectively.

A successful implementation, however, requires careful consideration of cost, maintenance, integration, and training. Which is why some countries on the continent have less than they would like.

Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) are highly mobile rocket launchers capable of firing many rockets quickly one after the other.

Their ability to quickly and accurately deliver large quantities of gunfire across large areas makes them a valuable tool in combat. The versatility of MLRS enables its application in a range of tasks, including as long-range precision strikes, suppressing enemy air defenses (SEAD), and counter battery fire.

MLRS may be equipped with a variety of weapons, including cluster bombs, high-explosive rounds, and guided rockets. Their versatility allows them to perform a wide range of activities, such as targeted strikes and traditional bombardment.

Precision-guided weapons are useful in asymmetric combat situations, which are prevalent in a few regions of Africa. However, this practical weapons system is not available in some countries in Africa, while some have a very low number of MLRS.

With that said, here are the 10 African countries with the least rocket projectors according to Global Fire Power. Countries with no MLRS were not included on the list.

10 African countries with the lowest number of rocket projectors

[th]Rank[/th] [th]Country[/th] [th]Multiple-launch rocket systems[/th] [th]Global rank[/th]
1. Burkina Faso 5 93rd
2. Senegal 6 92nd
3. Ivory Coast 6 91st
4. Namibia 7 89th
5. South Sudan 10 87th
6. Uganda 12 86th
7. Mozambique 12 85th
8. Ghana 15 82nd
9. Cameroon 20 77th
10. Botswana 20 76th

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